1_Crystal_Picklelman_with_horse.jpgFamily Hope Foundation offers financial assistance for therapy that is not covered by insurance. Scholarships of up to and including $1,000 per applicant are awarded twice a year.


Scholarship Guidelines must be read thoroughly prior to application completion.   Applications that do not follow the Scholarship Guidelines will not be considered for funding.

Applications due on March 1 may be submitted no earlier than February 1.

Applications due on September 1 may be submitted no earlier than August 1. 

Questions can be directed to Jane Eppard (616) 729-8833

Download Scholarship Guidelines 

Download Scholarship Application

Download Confidentiality Policy


Therapy providers who wish to partner with Family Hope Foundation, must meet our Provider Guidelines and be approved by our Board of Directors.  You may contact us through our website with any questions.

Download Provider Guidelines



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Thank you for making me stronger!

-Caroline Thomas