Family Hope Foundation invests in children with special needs through family support, engaging community experts, advocacy through collaboration, and financial assistance to provide access to therapies.

Family Hope Foundation is an established non-profit organization providing resources, activities, support, and funding for therapies to families of children with special needs in West Michigan. Those needs may be physical, emotional, or developmental. Our premise is simple: each child deserves the chance to reach their highest potential. Children with special needs can grow, change, learn, connect and be happy members of their family. They can succeed – if the community nurtures their abilities and creates an atmosphere for success.

Founded in 2009, Family Hope Foundation was created by a group of parents of children with special needs, who experienced the difference it makes to their child and their entire family when there is a solid support system in place. Family Hope Foundation serves the West Michigan area. Our diverse and committed board is made up of field professionals, educators, parents of children with special needs, and community and business leaders driven to make a difference.

Family Hope Foundation is unique in the West Michigan region. There are no other organizations providing scholarships and support for all types of special needs. Our organization strives to support all families in their search to enhance their child's ability and potential.

Our Programs and Resources

Therapy Scholarship Program

We believe when children with special needs get they type of therapy they need, by quality therapists, they thrive. And when the child thrives, the whole family thrives! This is the premise of our Therapy Scholarship Program; a program that addresses a large gap in the system, where there is little financial support and very limited insurance coverage. Learn more about our scholarships.

Family Fun Events!


It can be very challenging for families of children with special needs to get out and enjoy activities together. Our Family Fun Events offer families a healthy social experience, creating a sense of community, where families can relax and everyone can be themselves without worry and stress. Sign up for our mailing list and like us on Facebook to receive up-to-date information on events.

Resources and Information

Family Hope Foundation is an umbrella for individuals with any type of special needs. We offer an ever-expanding resource list; a community calendar of events and a parent-recommended library on our website to assist families in finding information and resources. Our email listserv keeps families regularly informed of relevant information on resources and events in our community. Sign up for our mailing list to receive our listserv emails.

Advocacy and Education


Our goal is to change the public perception of individuals with special needs, to focus on ability rather that disability, creating a better community for everyone. Advocacy and Education are core values for Family Hope Foundation. To receive Family Hope Foundation's email Listserv, and stay connected to community events go here to contact us directly through our website.




Family Hope Foundation is a nonprofit tax exempt organization.




 We were absolutely elated to receive your scholarship to help pay for programming for our son, Samuel, who is on the autism spectrum. We have been working with Horizons Developmental Resource Center for a couple of years and have seen wonderful social changes for Samuel. The cost is high, which makes each year of paying for programming a matter of prayer and sacrifice to our family with our spending. It is a relief to have this scholarship to help us pay for Samuel's programming. We are so impressed with the progress Samuel has made with his social skills. Samuel will now communicate his needs and concerns with words instead of crying and having a temper tantrum. We see Samuel work toward completing activities independently instead of needing constant prompts from us. Another wonderful change is that Samuel desires to interact with peers, instead of hiding from them. Again, thank you for helping us to continue to offer the best programming for Samuel!

-The Sorenson Family